A Six Week Intensive Online Master Screenwriting Course
Studying Personally with Max Adams
Course Dates: WAITING LIST*
Course Fee: $475 || Course Deposit: $150
Course Location: ONLINE



WEEK ONE: The Model, The Set Up ||
Lecture: How to Kill a Script in Thirty Pages or Less

WEEK TWO: The Second Act ||
Lecture: Escalation is Your Friend

WEEK THREE: Scene Structure ||
Lecture: Emotional High Points, Use Them or Lose Them

WEEK FOUR: Turning Points ||
Lecture: How to Turn a Scene in Three Sentences or Less

WEEK FIVE: Mystery & Escalation ||
Lecture: Withholding, It Is Not Just for Breakfast

WEEK SIX: Climax ||
Lecture: Protagonist Enclosed, No Batteries Required

WEEK SEVEN: Grace Week ||
No Lecture

This is a master screenwriting class. If you are a new student, a writing sample will be requested prior to final acceptance into the class. In rare instances in which you are not accepted into the class, your course deposit will be returned.

Structural Writing is the most difficult course in the AFW curriculum. For this reason Structural Writing is a WAITING LIST CLASS only and admission is more restricted than in other AFW courses. And in most cases, we will not allow a student to take Structural Writing as a first course.

It is a good idea to email about Structural Writing before registering.

Structural Writing does not have a set 2021 course date. We accept advance registrations and place students on the course waiting list. When registration counts are high enough to launch the course, we notify students on the waiting list of the course start date.

Questions? Send us email:

Structural Writing Email:

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Ratings and Reviews

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3 Ratings
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Tonia Kempler
Posted 6 months ago
Incredible Class

This class took my script from a mediocre script to an award-winning screenplay. Max, is simply the best instructor there is out there. I highly recommend this master class for anyone who is truly serious about their career.

Debi Yazbeck
Posted 6 months ago
Award winning course

This is probably the most valuable course I've ever taken, so I took it twice with two different scripts. I was clueless on how to make my story be coherent, but Max fixed that. My brain hurt a little on the way, but soooo worth it! It's not a beginner's course IMO, but it is crucial to having a screenplay that can win awards and get noticed.

Nektarios Chrissos
Posted 6 months ago
One of the best courses I've ever attended on screenwriting structure

Max Adams's teachings have done wonders for my screenwriting (and my storytelling in general), and this course is no exception. With this course, you'll get the tools to write a solid screenplay with an enticing beginning, middle and end, an even pacing and all the story stages done right. Some of the best spending of my money on a writing course ever!

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