A Six Week Online Master Screenwriting Course
Studying with Max Adams
Course Dates: 05.16.23
Course Fee: $475 || Course Deposit: $150
Course Location: ONLINE

Visual Writing is an accelerated screenwriting master class studying online with author & award winning screenwriter Max Adams. During six weeks of advanced study, students will study the three foundations of scene visuals, analyze produced scripts and film clips provided in class, complete advanced course assignments and exercises, and participate in weekly online discussions reviewing and analyzing course materials and course assignments with Max Adams.


WEEK ONE: Setting Location ||
Lecture: Space, Light, Texture

WEEK TWO: Perspective ||
Lecture: The Window or the Man?

WEEK THREE: Exterior vs. Interior ||
Lecture: Car Chase is Not a Location

WEEK FOUR: Character Intro’s ||
Lecture: Short Skirt Does Not Equal Character

WEEK FIVE: Static Locations vs. Dynamic Locations ||
Lecture: Dead Movement Equals Dead Movie

WEEK SIX: Verbs & Movement ||
Lecture: Walk, Leap, or Stroll

WEEK SEVEN: Grace Week ||
No Lecture


  • The three visual cornerstones
  • Setting locations visually
  • Introducing characters visually
  • Authorial intrusion — when & how to use it, and when you need to lose it
  • Introducing visual elements from general to specific — and why that counts
  • Line of sight and how to use it
  • Perspective — how to create it, how to anchor it, and how to maintain it
  • How to direct visuals without camera cues
  • Filters — when & how to use them, and when & how to lose them
  • Drawing on a reader’s visuals memory vault to enhance writing impact
  • And more —


  • Actionable craft tools that, implemented in your own scripts, will immediately improve your existing & future feature and television scripts, ceating stronger impact with and a cinematic reading experience for future readers and industry professionals considering material for option, purchase, development, attachment and production.
VISUAL WRITING is a master screenwriting class. If you are a new student, a writing sample will be requested prior to final acceptance into the class. In rare instances in which you are not accepted into the class, your course deposit will be returned.

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Cathy Petrick
Posted 2 years ago
My favorite class

This was my favorite class. "Space, light, texture" is the mantra that has stuck with me and inspired me ever since. The practice we received writing scene-setting descriptions from photographs was extremely effective because it trained us to pay attention to the path of the eye wandering through a scene, and to record a sequence of visual details in the natural order.

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Debi Yazbeck
Posted 2 years ago
My reader knows where they are

Anytime I read a script and wonder where in the fuck I'm supposed to be, I can't concentrate on the story. This is supposed to be visual! Max taught me how to first orient my reader so that they can sit back and take the ride of the story. There's an art to this, just like there is in the entirety of the script - this part just comes first.

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Peter Andrews
Posted 2 years ago
The pictures in your head need to get onto the page

This was the course I needed. Writing for speeches and for radio (no pictures) and writing novels (fill pages) had not prepared me to create clear, compelling images in readers' heads. And do in concisely. I got exactly what I was looking for with this course thanks to powerful lectures, hands-on assignments, and great discussions.

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Michele Koop
Posted 2 years ago
One of the best screenwriting classes I’ve ever taken!

This class brought my screenwriting to a whole new level, and I’ve never looked back. If you want to immerse the reader visually so that they can ‘see’ the movie as they read, and you do - Max Adams teaches how to do this succinctly yet powerfully. A must take class for any screenwriter!

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Nektarios Chrissos
Posted 2 years ago
Visual descriptions in your screenwriting won't be the same after this course.

What can I say? It's easy for us screenwriters to visualise scenery and action within our brain, but when the time comes to write them on paper - well, you surely know the feeling. After this course, visual descriptions in your screenplays won't be the same. By implementing Max's rules, you will deliver succinct yet enticing visual descriptions in your stories; make the story 's images pop out!

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