Julie Howe, Author/Screenwriter/Producer

“I’ve taken all of Max’s classes and quite simply, her focused methods and attention to detail blow every other screenwriting class out of the water.”


Ana Maria Montoya, Screenwriter

“If you want someone to challenge you to dive deep and pull the BEST out of yourself, Max is that whip-smart coach, teacher, and mentor.”


Kerry Valderamma, Writer/Director

“Max Adams is one of the most knowledgeable and talented people in screenwriting that I know, all writers need to hear what Max Adams has to say.”


Al Finocchio, Screenwriter

“Max is as smart, tough, and entertaining as she sounds in her book. It’s hard to imagine a better mentor.”


Gwenda Bond, Author/Screenwriter

“Max’s workshop was a transformative experience for me as a young writer.”


Toni McGee Causey, Author

“The brilliance of taking Max Adams’ classes is you start seeing improvement in your writing almost immediately.”


Nancy Bilyeau, Author

“I carried Max’s advice over to my fiction and have now sold & published five novels.”


Alvaro Rodriguez, Screenwriter

“Max Adams is the kind of smart, engaging teacher that made me want to be a better writer — and she helped me do it.”


Patricia Burroughs, Author

“The input I got from Max Adams lifted my script, ‘Redemption,’ from a SemiFinalist to a Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting award winner.”


Debi Yazbeck, Writer/Director

“You laid the foundation, Max. Best teacher ever.”


Tony Ferrendelli, Screenwriter

“Max Adams has helped to completely transform the way I write scripts. Placement of several scripts in multiple competitions is a direct result of the skills I have developed through participation in Max’s classes and workshop.”


Tonia Kempler, Writer/Director

“Thank you. You have completely given me confidence and skills I didn’t have before. Couldn’t have done this without taking your classes.”


Joan Philo, Screenwriter

“It’s so big what you are to screenwriting and what you give to others and how you collect and champion writers who do more than write, they produce. That’s huge in this business of writing and what sets you above the rest.”


Jennifer Mulligan, Screenwriter

“Max Adams has been a keen mentor, champion and cheerleader. Her online classes have provided me with very specific and important screenwriting tools. My short script, Minerva’s War, was a 2014 Finalist at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival in Beverly Hills as a direct result of learning and applying these techniques.”


Betsy Hannas Morris, Screenwriter

“Participating in Max’s workshop taught me more about screenwriting — and the commitment it requires — than anything else I’ve ever read or done.”


Della Vance Greenawalt, Screenwriter

“Max Adams’ classes are the best I have ever taken. In every class I have experienced a “light bulb” moment that raised my scripts to another level.”


Kristen McNaule, Writer/Director

“AFW’s 5150 workshop has given an incredible boost to my writing, thanks to the guidance of Max Adams.”


Dan Goforth, Screenwriter

“For a screenwriter, Max Adams’ 5150 Workshop is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself and your work. If you’re lucky enough to catch an open spot, TAKE IT!!!”


Peter Andrews, Screenwriter

“If you want to take the next step in your writing, Max makes the difference. She’s hands-on in classes that balance essential skills with insights you won’t get anywhere else.”


Michele Koop, Screenwriter

“I can’t say enough about how much Max has taught me to grow as a screenwriter. Her classes are excellent and really focus on applying the skills needed to be a successful screenwriter.”


Kent Williams, Screenwriter

“If you are prepared to work, Max will teach you the tools to go as far as your talent allows.”


Stacy Baker Masand, Screenwriter

“You know that saying, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know?’ That was my experience before taking classes at The Academy of Film Writing. Hands down, my writing transformed more after taking Max’s courses than any other time period or curriculum.”


Deborah Chesher, Writer/Director

“If you are considering taking a Max Adams screenwriting class be prepared to work your ass off. In return, the quality of your scripts will improve to a professional level.”