A Six Week Online Master Screenwriting Course
Studying with Max Adams
Course Dates: 03.12.24
Course Fee: $475 || Course Deposit: $150
Course Location:  ONLINE

Mastering Story Momentum is an accelerated screenwriting master class studying online with author & award winning screenwriter Max Adams. During six weeks of advanced study, students will study and analyze pacing models, analyze produced scripts and film clips provided in class, complete advanced course assignments and exercises, and participate in weekly online discussions reviewing and analyzing course materials and course assignments with Max Adams.



WEEK ONE: Story Versus Plot ||
Lecture: Why Linear Writing is Not Your Friend

WEEK TWO: Connect the Dots Writing ||
Lecture: The Dots Must Die

WEEK THREE: Cause & Effect ||
Lecture: The Matt Stone & Trey Parker Model

WEEK FOUR: Boy on a Skateboard ||
Lecture: Good News, Bad News – A Practical Study of Cause & Effect

WEEK FIVE: Scene Sequencing ||
Lecture: Cause & Effect and Scene Sequences

WEEK SIX: Act Sequencing ||
Lecture: Cause & Effect and Script Acts

WEEK SEVEN: Grace Week ||
No Lecture


  • Plot focus & follow through
  • Scene rhythm & length
  • Narrative dramatic tension — how to build it & how to sustain it
  • Suspense timing
  • Obstacles, your plot’s best friend
  • Launch points
  • Scene progression & the South Park model
  • Scene progresssion & the Good News/Bad News model
  • Sustaining character goals with tasks
  • How to turn a scene with action
  • How to turn a scene with dialogue
  • Cutting for impact
  • And more —
  • Actionable craft tools that, implemented in your own writing & scripts, will immediately improve your existing & future feature and television scripts, creating stronger tension, escalation, turning points, plot focus, story progression, and building meaningful story platforms to support succesful story climax and resoluation.
MASTERING STORY MOMENTUM is a master screenwriting class. If you are a new student, a writing sample will be requested prior to final acceptance into the class. In rare instances in which you are not accepted into the class, your course deposit will be returned.

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Ratings and Reviews

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9 Ratings
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Marjorie McRae
Posted 8 months ago
The remedy for slow moving scripts!

“You are inspired by your character who is witty and brave, writing smart dialogue late at night, only to find that after page thirty the plot drags! Worry not, the cavalry is coming in the form of Max Adams’ Momentum Class! You will learn and practice the secrets of how to keep a plot moving and write gripping, fast paced scripts! Who knows, you just might be able to quit your day job? “

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Bridget Bell McMahon
Posted 8 months ago

This carefully curated story momentum masterclass sharpened my narrative feature into its fullest potential! Max doesn't suffer fools. The lectures and assignments laser focus on honing your craft, hubris be damned. Invest in yourself, you and your story are worth it!

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Leah A Baxter
Posted 1 year ago
Max is the best teacher I know

In Mastering Story Momentum, Max teaches how to craft a professional script with a focus on creative decisions for dramatic effect, story logic, pacing, escalation… Max knows the intricacies of screenwriting on a level that seems like witchcraft, but teaches in a way that is clear and succinct—with specific and easy to use tools—making the information 100% workable.

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H Raven Rose
Posted 2 years ago
Max hits it out of the stadium theatre

Momentum is a vital screenwriting concept, and Max Adams has a unique ability to break down and clarify key ideas. In doing the class exercises, writers receive in-depth writer-specific Max teaching moments. These points lead to epiphanies that can't be gotten in a cattle call workshop of hundreds, books, articles, or other classes. The course is highly recommended for beginners and experts alike.

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Dovile Mark
Posted 3 years ago
Another Great Class by Max

I have not taken a single class by Max, where I have not learned more about the story and the power it has to create new worlds. Mastering the Story Momentum allowed me to focus on making sure my stories have flow to them instead of aimlessly wondering about. Great class with fun engaging exercises.

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Tonia Kempler
Posted 3 years ago
An absolute must for any serious screenwriter

Mastering Story Momentum ...hook, pace, structure! This master class will absolutely assure writers are equipped with the skills necessary to take their scripts from good to great!

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Posted 3 years ago
All You Need to Know About Effective Pacing

From the explanation of the 'traveling scene,' and why a writer should avoid these, to mastering match-cuts, and but for/as a result of causation, this class is a game changer. Each lesson is chock full of insightful information on pacing. For those who want to engage the reader with ever increasing action and tension, you learn how here.

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Tony Ferrendelli
Posted 3 years ago
Hook the reader and keep them interested

Fantastic class. I use the lessons from Mastering Story Momentum with every script I write. The class taught me to differentiate the story from the plot and break down scene by scene and act by act to ensure the script grabs and holds the reader’s interest throughout. Highly recommend.

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Nektarios Chrissos
Posted 3 years ago
An often overlooked aspect of storytelling explained

We've all felt this, watching a film that starts strong, then drags into intolerable boredom. Max's course helped me fix my plots' pacings, see the story's readers' interest kept until the end. She's a Nicholl winner and fellow, who knows what's needed for a film's plot to take off and soar. Let her teach you that, as she did to me.

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Author & Award Winning Screenwriter Max Adams

Your Instructor

MAX ADAMS is an author and award winning screenwriter. She has written for Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures — and a couple others to remain unnamed because no one around here wants to get black listed.

Max is a former volunteer AFI Alumni reader and WGAw online mentor, has appeared as a speaker at, among other places, AMPAS, USC, and Film Arts Foundation, is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Utah and a former lecturer & instructor at New York Film Academy, is the author of The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide AND The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide, is the founder of two international online screenwriting workshops and has the dubious distinction of having been dubbed “Red Hot Adams” by Daily Variety for selling three pitches over a holiday weekend — which made her agents cry.

[In a good way.]

She answers now to both “Max” and “Red Hot” in crowds and dog parks.


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