That Cute Dog & Photo Credits



You are totally wondering who that cute dog all over the site is right?

That is Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a celebrity dog she does not even need a last name she is like Cher. I kid you not. At Austin Film Festival? People often have no clue who I am — but they all know who Pumpkin is. Pumpkin is totally —

A. Celebrity. Dog.

Pumpkin lives in New York with her resident photographer ChesherCat.

Chesher took that photo of me walking with Pumpkin that you see all over the site.

[Pro Tip: Hang with Pumpkin and you will get your photo taken by great photographers like ChesherCat.]

You can find out more about Pumpkin & ChesherCat at





*Additional photos on the site come from unsplash & envato elements.