A Six Week Intensive Online Master Screenwriting Course
Studying Personally with Max Adams
Course Dates: 01.12.21 11.09.21
Course Fee: $475 || Course Deposit: $150
Course Location: ONLINE



WEEK ONE: Sizzle, Lookbook, Demo, Mood, or Trailer? ||
Lecture: The Difference Between Terms & Presentation & What They Mean to Writers & Artists

WEEK TWO: The Writer’s Reel & Lookbook ||
Lecture: How to Distinguish Yourself as an Artist in Presentation & How to Do It Right

WEEK THREE: One Project or a Body of Work? ||
Lecture: The Benefits of Promoting One Project vs. Promoting Self & a Body of Work

WEEK FOUR: Creation & Distribution ||
Lecture: How to Use a Reel & Lookbook to Gain Attention & Support for a Pitch

WEEK FIVE: Impact & Pitfalls ||
Lecture: How Reels Fail & How Reels Succeed – A Study in Examples

WEEK SIX: Strategy ||
Lecture: Tools & Strategies for Future Reel & Lookbook Plans

WEEK SEVEN: Grace Week ||
No Lecture


This is a concept & pitch class.
A writing sample will be requested prior to admission. 
Please email to apply.



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