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Sidewalk Film Festival looking for readers


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The local film festival, Sidewalk, has asked if I could forward on a request for readers. I thought maybe some of you might be interested if you were thinking about going and wanted free VIP pass. The info is below.

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For feedback providers we are looking for folks who are screenwriting teachers or working screenwriters. For the readers, we are looking for anyone interested in reading scripts who have written one or two, understand formating, etc. Recent grads and promising students are welcome to be a reader.
Sidewrite Script Readers read shorts and features submitted to our competition. They rank and leave comments on the scripts through FilmFreeway. They receive one VIP pass to the festival and the option of buying a second VIP pass for $100 in exchange for their time. We can be flexible on the amount of scripts any interested person is able to read since we are a little late in our schedule (had some previously committed readers drop out). We would like these read by the end of June so we can forward the highest ranking scripts to the jurors.
Our feedback provider is separate from the process for scoring for awards. So a feedback provider cannot be a general script reader. For features we generally ask for 2 pages of feedback - it usually starts with about a paragraph or two of your overall thoughts on the script, followed by three concrete bullet points of what works and three concrete bullet points of what could be improved. For shorts we usually ask for one page of feedback following a similar format, it's just usually shorter because there's less material. This pays $20 per script upon completion of the project. Right, now we have about 35 shorts and features that need feedback and this can be split among a few people.

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Very cool, @dan. Will you be there?