Max Adams founded the online school The Academy of Film Writing to offer classes and subjects to students and workshoppers other curriculums are missing. [She knows they are missing because she’s a competition judge and has seen what’s out there. Whoah.] The school is international. So are Max’s students. Though the bulk of the student body is located in the US and Canada, AFW has students and workshoppers in England, Belgium, Greece, Spain – we’re online, we don’t have international boundaries. Four of Max’s workshoppers have won Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting from The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. [Max is Nicholl alum too.] Others have won prestigious seats in Sundance Labs, awards and accolades in film festivals and competitions seriously too numerous list, and many of Max’s students and workshoppers are working in the industry.


Max Adams is an author and award winning screenwriter. She has written for Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures – and a couple others to remain unnamed because no one around here wants to get black listed. Max is a former volunteer AFI Alumni reader and WGAw online mentor, has appeared as a speaker at, among other places, AMPAS, USC, and Film Arts Foundation, is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Utah and a former lecturer & instructor at New York Film Academy, is the author of The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide AND The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide, is the founder of two international online screenwriting workshops, and has the dubious distinction of having been dubbed “Red Hot Adams” by Daily Variety for selling three pitches over a holiday weekend – which made her agents cry. [In a good way.] She answers now to both “Max” and “Red Hot” in crowds and dog parks.



Cris Yeong is Max’s partner in crime left hand. Cris has been an integral member of the 5150 & AFW clan since 2011. Cris is native to China and lives in Suzhou City with his wife Susan and their two children Joy and Qianyi.  Cris is quiet, yet mighty. He provides integral support to AFW classes and the 5150 Workshop and without him, TheAFW – and Max – would collapse under the workload. Thanks, Cris.